The Eating Disorder Therapist

The Value of Friendship in Eating Disorder Recovery and 6 Ways to Connect with Others

January 2, 2022

We have an epidemic of loneliness in the UK. It is certainly one of the most talked about issues in counselling, and a trigger for many unhelpful escape strategies like overeating, drinking, compulsive shopping and internet use. In some ways, we have never felt so connected, constantly glued to our iPhones and other electronic devices, but the time for meaningful connections has diminished with our ever busier lives.  Loneliness can be hard to bear, especially when you feel maybe that you shouldn’t feel lonely – you may be surrounded by people, but don’t feel connected at all. We know that people live longer when they have meaningful relationships, these being incredibly important for our mental wellbeing. If we look at centenarians – they’re not spiralising their courgettes or weighing their food, they are invested in their relationships. We put time and effort into health, exercise, work and family. It is worth investing in our friendships too. It can be a vital component of eating disorder recovery. In this episode, I share 6 tips for feeling more connected and building friendship. As we move into the New Year, make a resolution to invest and build your friendships. Healthy relationships are SO valuable for good mental wellbeing. Healthy relationships will absolutely support you in your eating disorder recovery.  

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