The Eating Disorder Therapist

The Female ‘Body Ideal’ with Victoria Stockwell

September 21, 2020

Today, I’m thrilled to have Victoria Stockwell back on the podcast. Victoria is an academic researcher, former pro bikini competitor and podcaster (The Hungry Girl Podcast). Victoria talks today about the changing female body ideal through the ages: how it’s changed; why it’s so influential and the damage it does to self-esteem and mental health. Victoria also shares openly about her own struggles in feeling the pressure to attain the body ideal (particularly in the fitness world) and how she is working to overcome this. Men do get a brief mention too, as the pressure on the male body to conform to an aesthetic is ever increasing. Thank you, Victoria, for another informative episode. I hope you enjoy listening.

To find out more about Victoria:-

Instagram: @hungrygirlvictoria

Podcast: The Hungry Girl Podcast -

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