The Eating Disorder Therapist

Setting Eating Disorder Recovery Goals for 2022

December 26, 2021

Eating disorder recovery goals can be created at any point, but New Year can be as good a time as any. Especially when the world around you might be luring you down the diet culture route of starting a new plan or joining the gym or detoxing. Instead, it can be the time to step aside from all of this and to get strongly rooted in your own recovery lane.

Because, you don’t want to be procrastinating recovery or putting it off till 'some day'. Life is short and for living.

Eating disorders can rob weeks, months and ultimately years of your life. You can’t get back your teenage finding-your-identity phase with fun and experimentation, or your twenties where you’re growing up and finding yourself, and hopefully travelling and meeting people and growing as a person. Or at any stage, eating disorders take away.

Having an eating disorder massively impacts the quality of your relationships and career, and ultimately your potential. Having an eating disorder is like having a millstone around your neck which you’re dragging with you. It takes much more than it gives back.

So how to even begin to embrace recovery goals?

I talk about 5 different tips for managing ed goals including:

Number 1 – extraordinary focus and dedication.

Number 2 – getting clear on your life goals and values.

Number 3 – surrounding yourself with the encouragers and uplifters.

Number 4 – it’s a grieving process and that’s okay.

Number 5 – the baby steps add up to a very big deal.

I hope that you enjoy the episode.

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