The Eating Disorder Therapist

How to Manage your Environment in Diet Culture, to Improve Body Image

May 29, 2022

Have you considered how much your environment may be impacting your relationship with food and your body? Family members, work colleagues, social media, TV, health professionals, teachers, the fitness industry, to name a few. But how much are all of these impacting your body image? We often don’t stop to consider the impact of our social environment. And hopefully, some of these external influences are positive. But it is likely that many are having a negative impact too. And particularly on your body image. It’s very helpful to become more mindful of your surroundings so that you can consciously consider the people, social media and other messages that could be powerfully influencing you. You can then set boundaries and decide how you can protect your body image and mental health better. This episode talks you through doing this. I hope that you find it helpful!



Book: 'Perfectly Imperfect – compassionate strategies to cultivate a positive body image', by Amy Harman


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