The Eating Disorder Therapist

Eating Disorder Recovery, the Fitness Industry, Performance Drugs and Tips for Change with Marcus Kain

December 11, 2021

Today I’m speaking to Marcus Kain who is a Nutrition Coach and Trainer with 15 years industry experience. He specialises in working with people to break cycles of disordered eating and burnout. Marcus has a history of suffering with eating disorders, disordered eating and over-exercise himself.  However, he has healed his relationship with food and now supports others to do the same. From his experience balancing life as a fitness professional and touring performer, Marcus understands the impact high stress and pressure can have on the body and mind. Using strategies that focus on balancing the nervous system and providing safe ways to be with and recharge the body, Marcus provides a platform for people to gain a fulfilling relationship with food and exercise through his coaching, social media and The M.Kain Coaching Podcast. In this episode, Marcus shares his story, explaining the treatment approaches that worked and ones that didn’t. He shares the isolation of struggling with disordered eating within the fitness industry and being male; his thoughts on performance enhancing drugs and how he drew on anxiety management techniques from his previous life as a touring performer, which became life changing in his relationship with food. I hope that you enjoy the episode. To find out more about Marcus: Instagram: @mkaincoaching Podcast – search for The M. Kain Coaching Podcast on all major platforms.

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